Olga Kent Unveils the Red Bikini Wet and Wild and Nipple Ready in Miami

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She goes by Olga Kent. An Italian actress who by all accounts looks ready to star in an motion picture requiring a lean mean modeling machine to exit the water in a bikini baring her bodily assets. She may not have the sculpted asstastic to sit in the gold medal circle in our club, but I'm not exactly kicking Olga out of bed for eating biscotti if you know what I'm saying. For those of you not familiar, biscotti is a dry cookie invented by Starbucks to make tons of money.

Olga throws her body into the ring against the gaggle of hot models from around the world who descend upon Miami in the winter months, like passion inducing birds stopping off on their migration to various lingerie photoshoots around the world. It really is one of the most epic movement of sextastic ladies throughout the year. Bikini season in Miami, someday you really must catch it in person. Bless you, Olga. Enjoy.

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