Polina Borodina Topless in Simple But Sextastic Photoshoot

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I always get a little excited when I see a new supery-fashion model taking off her top for artsy provocative photos. Maybe that's just me, but when I've seen a woman wearing a $800 designer top a few times in magazines, I'm mostly thinking, hmm, what a waste of $800, let's see the priceless view. Which we now have of Russian walking the runway type model, Polina Borodina, who is quite frontal and topless in this Alessandro Casagrande photoshoot.

Sometimes, you don't need lots of special effects or staging or wardorbe for that matter, just a young lady who was the hottest thing in her village, trained in the fine art of being a Russian supermodel, taking off her top for the cameras. If I ran the world, this kind of thing would happen far more often. Enjoy.

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