READER FINDS: Anne Vyalitsina Topess, Kristen Stewart See-Through Bottom, Maybe Lindsey Duke Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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Could it possibly be we've not only come to the end of the week, but also to the end of January of the year of the sextastic 2014. Time really does fly when you're using your mind power appropriately to leer at ridiculously hot mostly undressed women. It beats paperwork by a good margin. As is our custom, on Friday mornings, or afternoons if those mornings be a bit clouded with stupor, we open up the Egotastic! mailbag to see what treasures all of you are dying to share with, well, all of you. It's a magical circle of sharing we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Aimee Teegarden bikini goodness (thanks to EgoReader ''Stan' for this delightful sight), Candice Swanepoel topless can never be wrong (handed off by 'Tony D.'), Daisy Lowe topless in I-D magazine (ooh, Lowe goodness from 'Devon'), Kristine Rose topless on the silver screen (thank you kindly to 'Rose'), Emily Watson nekkid on camera early in her career (distributed gracefully by 'Charlie'), Weronika Rosati  topless and hot in the canceled series Luck (ta-ta goodness provided by 'Len G.'), Kristen Stewart in a see-through dress bottom (transmitted warmly by 'Andrew B.'), Laura Vandervoort sideboob on SyFy (eagle-eyed by 'Bill S.'), the inimitable Rosie Jones topless in a Ketchup photoshoot (mmm good via 'Steve H.'), Tiffani Amber Thiessen old school wet and see-through (jolt of the 90210 from 'Jules'), the delicious Candice Boucher flashing her funbags (candy's canes dropped off by 'Stu'), throwback to Carrie Fisher in her Princess Leia days bikini for Rolling Stone (never ceased to be amazed, kudos to 'Danny'), cyber hottie Leanna Decker flashing her gorgeous puppies (what a wonderful gift from 'Tish'), Italian pageant queen Martina Colombari topless modeling hotness (views of this sextastic sent by 'Regos'), Martina Rajic quite smoking hot and topless (bless you kindly, 'Morgan'), Lara Stone topless in her own I-D shoot (gap-toothed hot body via 'Ronald'), Marija Grujic wicked hot in The Men Magazine (sultry views handed over by 'Len'), Paz de la Huerta somehow being not nekkid on camera (weirdly enticing bits from 'Stoney'), Anne Vyalitsina topless in Elle France (beautiful betties caught by 'Chris'), Cannuckian sweetheart Danielle Knudson topless modeling pic (uncovered by both 'Tony' and 'Chris' simultaneous like), Leah Renee flashing her more than worthy bare cans (submitted humbly by 'Tom'), sweet and sultry Laura Giraudi topless delights (gracias to sr. 'Chris'), and last, but maybe not least, what may or may not be UCF QB Blake Bortle's hot model girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, in a leaked nekkid selfie (thanks to the folks at krustysox for that head's up -- though again, unconfirmed still quite so). Enjoy.

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