READER FINDS: Scarlett Johansson Boobtastic, Jamie Chung Nip Slip, Naomi Watts Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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How time flies when you are looking at sextastic women. It's another Friday here at the faptstic factory meaning a time to review the reader mail to see what goodies are in store for all of us. It truly is my favorite time of the week, reminding me so much of my own birthday when I would open up letters from my family with gentle reminders about how I was a burden, likely had a different father than the other kids, and looked like a sickly armadillo. Only this is much better.

(*Be sure to check out Scarlett Johansson in the nude on Mr.*)

This weeks Reader Finds includes cleavetastic stills of ginger hottie Amy Adams in American Hustle (EgoReader 'Deion' knows the way to my heart), Adrianne Palicki covered topless in a classic FHM shoot (many thanks to 'Owen'), Naomi Watts full frontal nekkid goodness onscreen (a loving visual from 'Mackey'), Jennifer Lopez in her nipple baring role (blessings from 'Barbara'), Melissa Debling hot funbags galore in a bikini (kudos to 'Wimple' for such a discovery), Olivia Wilde with one of my favorite Olivia Wilde photos ever (much gratitude for 'Steve B.'), Rhona Mitra bloody hot and topless on the silver screen (goriffic boobtastic via 'Olav'), Jamie Chung nipple slipping in a photoshoot (a welcome sight indeed from 'Darla'), Christina Aguilera and Jenna Dewan in a steamy music video promo shot (yummy lesbionics dropped off by 'Tito'), Olga Kent bare-ass hotness still from her Italian cinema (Booty goodness from sons of Rome 'Antonio' and 'Bruno'), Dutch soap star Bo Maerten unusually topless (Dutch treat contributed by 'Jaymz'), Scarlett Johansson almost almost showing off her amazing funbags onscreen (luscious almost treats from 'Geddy'), Leonor Watling topless for the sake of murder (cinematic skinematics by 'Peter'), Laetitia Casta topless in celluloid delights (super hottie topless goodness from 'Quin'), Brazilian sextastic Juliana Costa and her perfect chest puppies (mmmm good via 'Elven'), a purported old school Meagan Good nip slip (this is a new one on me, but I'm going with 'Mike D.'), Katy Perry flashing mega-cleave at her birthday party years ago (nice deep find from 'Fred'), Michelle Michaels topless in the delightful family film, Slumber Party Massacre, Aly Michalka bra covered boobtastic in Two and a Half Men (whoa, Michalka by way of 'Trent'), Shannon Tweed topless in the 80's (delicious funbags from 'Spencer'), and last, but by no means least, former America's Next Top Model winner Nicole Fox quite nekkid in Redlands (thank you kindly good 'Adam'). It's a handful or three today. Enjoy.

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