Rihanna Almost Topless (Stupid Pasties) for Vogue Photoshoot

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I guess they didn't have money for actual pasties for Rihanna and her racy shoot for Vogue Brazil, because somebody just taped some pieces of paper over he fun bits for this otherwise sultry photoshoot. There's a bit of a slip here and there, but nothing nearly as exciting as if they couldn't find any paper at all. I'm quite certain that Rihanna doesn't mind baring her wares, even in front of crew, so I'm going to guess this was the magazine's doing. So, boo to you, least fun people in the world.

Nevertheless, Rihanna always looks comfortable and passion inducing in tropical beach climates with little clothing on. From whence she came, as it were. She's completely at easy with nothing but a bit of hand or paper block. There's something to be said for a woman like that. Like, won't you please be my girlfriend for the next hour? Enjoy.

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