Rosie Jones Topless, Terrific, and Totally Boobtastic for Ta-Ta Tuesday

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I do so love Rosie Jones. She remains high on my list of girls I'd most like to be stranded on a desert island with with nothing but our physical passions to soothe our lost souls. Oh, the coconuts that would fall during our rounds of epic lovemaking. The macaws would screech and the monkeys would holler, but nothing would interrupt our primal mutual lust. Or, if not mutual, you know, Rosie fashioning spears from bamboo stalks and threatening my tallywacker if I even get near her newly fashioned beach hut. Eventually, passion will prevail.

Featured in the latest edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie Jones and her bodacious beautiful boobtastic give evidence as to my desert island rankings. She's just ever so perfect. My angel is a centerfold. Enjoy.

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