Sabine Jemeljanova Plays Topless Secretary of Every Man's (And Amber Heard's) Dream

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Have you ever thought to yourself, boy, it sure would be nice to have a hot busty topless secretary working for me. I know I have, even when I've been the secretary. Sadly, I tend to keep employed the roustabouts, delinquents, and horribly failed streetwalkers that form the bulk of my moderate to moderate-light working staff. But I know it won't hurt their feelings to hear I'd trade them all in in a heartbeat for crazy salacious Sabine Jemeljanova and her goods aplenty in the workplace.

Featured in a new photoshoot from our friends at Nuts magazine, Sabine reminds us of a time that only really ever existed in our minds, but perhaps one of the finest fantasies ever, the naughty office worker who seems to have lost her top. I wouldn't chide Sabine for her office faux pas, just give her a gentle reminder that if she ever feels the need to unleash her beasts and give them some air, that the more proper setting would be my office with the doors closed and my Def Leppard mix tape playing softly in the background. Love Bites, Sabine, but I only nibble. Enjoy.

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