Sissi Fleitas Blonde and Bodacious for Sabado Gigante Dreams in Playboy Mexico (JUST A TEASER PHOTO)

Editor's note: only the first shot is of Sissi, the rest, a blonde hottie fill-in. We'l be bringing you the full set of Sissi photos as they come available soon hopefully.

If you happen to be a fan of Sabado Gigante, the longest running variety show on television, these days in Spanish language on Univision, then you may fondly recall Sissi Fleitas as a hottie hostess from the show in the mid 90's - 2000's. The blonde Cuban bombshell was quite the memorable figure and had continued to be on numerous Spanish languages shows ever since. Now, most importantly, Sissi has taken off her clothes for Playboy Mexico where the Cubana shows off all of her assets, natural and those rather aided by science.  Consider me quite excited on behalf of the men who've been having happy private time thoughts of Sissi for almost two decades now.

Someday, hopefully, more American celebrities will start getting nekkid for photos before their 40th birthdays like Sissi. It's the dream really. The world will not end for the sight of your bare nekkid hot bodies. The skies shall not open up and the earth shall not swallow us whole. Just millions of men and some lovely Sapphic leaning ladies will be made happy. Think on it. Be like Sissi! Enjoy.

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