Stacey Poole Hits the Heavy Bag and Pours Water on Her Funbags For Workouts The Way They Ought To Be

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I tend to change gyms a lot. And not just because of bad locker room reputations. I just assume the next one will always be better. It never really is. But then, none of these gyms have ever featured the likes of Stacey Poole boxing and pouring water over her enormous sweaty melons. Sure, I've seen some attractive women in spinning class and the other classes that have names that sound really healthy and fun. But I've never quite seen anything like that before.

I'm not saying this type of funbag display would be right for every potential gym member. I'm only saying you only need to show me Stacey once, tell me she'll be back again someday to do the same, and I will never ever leave. I'm a very simple consumer. Enjoy.

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