Veronika Balint Topless Girl of the Year for Interviu Magazine

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Well, the chica of the year for Spain's Interviu magazine wasn't actually Spanish at all, she's Hungarian, although she resides in Spain and her pictures were voted on by somebody somewhere as the favorite for the magazine, all of which translates into us seeing the rather curvaceous, slightly science-aided, topless body of Veronika Balint.

Now, as you know, I'm the weak master of the Spanish language, so I read a few comments on the magazine sites about the choice of Veronika, who some are dissing as not being truly Spanish, and some are dissing as having some funbags that seem to defy the laws of physics. Consider me agnostic in these battles. I'm pretty much helpless, defenseless, and wallowing when it comes to nekkid women. I just like to look and smile dumbly and pray they don't call me derogatory names in languages I can't understand. Veronkia won, fair and square, we're giving her our due. Enjoy.

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