Victoria Silvstedt Asstastic Bikini Bottom Show in St. Bart's

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Sometimes, you just need a veteran to show you how it's done. With all the young bikini talent on St. Bart's this holiday season, it's really Stephanie Seymour and now 39-year old Victoria Silvstedt who are showing the younger gals a thing or two about wearing and working it in a bikini along a Caribbean coast line.

Victoria has been perfecting the fine art of boobtastic and booty shows in a bikini for two decades now and she has it pretty much nailed down. Don't think as she'd bending and flexing her asstastic and haunches she isn't showing off her skilled craft. None of this happens by accident. It's practice, training, repetition. Like a great artist in any field. Victoria knows how to get all eyeballs on her body. And she keeps that body in tip top tanned shape. I've got nothing but respect for the working girl who knows just how to work it. Enjoy.

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