Alexa Vega Booty, Rihanna Bikini, and Arianny Celeste in Lingerie Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

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Hold on tight, because this week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup contains so much celebrity skin that you'll, oh, I don't know, do something horrible to yourself that you'll likely regret in the morning, though with a secret, wistful smile. So it's not all bad. What can you do when the hot ladies of Tinsel Town are demanding you ogle them at each and every step of their skin-baring lives? You truly are the victim, sir.

This week's Roundup includes Paris Hilton covered topless, Ariana Grande ever hot, Arianny Celeste and Jessa Hinton in lingerie, Alexa Vega showing off her body in blessed stretch pants, Rihanna competing in the bikini competition of social media against the two-piece likes of Anastasia Ashley, Nina Agdal, and some killer beachy candids from Gigi Hadid, and Kaili Thorne showing off her nipples. There's so much more, you really do owe it to all the athletes wore wore stellar makeup and costumes in Sochi to check out each and every one of these faptastic social media shared photos. Enjoy.

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