Anais Mali French Model Hotness Celebrates Bring a Topless Friend to the Beach Day in Miami

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There we were, staking out the super fine skinny young French model Anais Mali along the strip in Miami Beach when out of nowhere, her far more round-bodied friend whips off her bikini top and starts prancing around on the beach. How very French. I would have complained to the authorities, but as it turns out, I happen to have a small bit of affection for funbags, so instead I just noted her for a recommendation to the city council for civic heroes.

I wouldn't necessarily suggest that everybody get nekkid on Miami Beach, we do need to think of the children who might see bare breasts and grow up to become something horrible like a serial killer or a politician or something. And it would have been nice if Anais would've stripped out of her tiny bikini for show a little something something for her fans, but bringing along a showoff friend is not the worst thing you can do at the beach. Thought it is clearly one of the best. Enjoy.

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