Anne Vyalitsyna Topless Unclothed Goodness in Mariano Vivanco Shoot (VIDEO)

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I'm not sure how I missed this personal project photoshoot the first time around, but it looks to be about a year ago that famed celebrity skin photographer Mariano Vivanco got Anne Vyalitsyna to take off all her clothes and hit the beach to pose-off for his cameras. Yes, he threw in a couple dudes for no good reason (so please, watch the video with some man-sight caution), but he managed to capture the natural beauty of this newly single (I might add) supermodel just posing and preening in her bare nekkid body at the beach.

Anne V. has serious innate talent. Talents. I can't stop looking at them. What a fortunate day indeed. Enjoy.

(Please do recall the dude warning; there is unclad men in this video though I've managed to ignore them several times now.)

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