Autumn Brooke Brings Winter Time Asstastic to Miami

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I must admit, I'm not exactly sure who Autumn Brooke is. I mean, I know she's a native Miami area model, but I'm not super familiar with her work, not that it particularly matters as I lost myself in thirty minutes or maybe hours of ogling her sweetly sextastic bottomside in a bikini along the beach.

That booty made me holler seven songs and two ditties as I tried to wrap my mind around some very profound feelings that awakened in my procreative areas. That asstastic gem of a keester just filled me with the special kind of tingle I first remember as a young boy at the public pool. You never forget your first grown up girl thong bottom. Yowzers. Autumn Brooke, whatever it is you're feeding that thing, it's working. Keep up the good work. Enjoy.

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