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Clair Meek Topless Pictures Will Get You Saying 'I Do'

If you be British, you probably know Clair Meek as the Scottish hottie glamour model who married the dude from the Inbetweeners a little while back and made everybody jealous as heck of the comedic actor. Or, if you don't know that, you can now know Clair Meek as one wicked hot and topless Highlander in purple lingerie, and not much of it.

I think by now you know my general view on marriage and other devastatingly tragic life events, though I have to admit that there are certain instances, like my own future betrothal to Edita Vilkeviciute, or, say, a wedding night with Clair Meek, that would certainly tempt a man into leaping before he looks type decision making. Men are inherently the weaker gender, I'll grant you that. Not all of us, just me and like 500 million other guys. Take a gander at Clair and imagine a honeymoon locked in a hotel room. Your will shall be tested. Enjoy.

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