Do You Like Spying on Hot Models Totally Nekkid and Au Natural? Of Course You Do

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You know I'm routinely proud of each and everyone of our readers here on Egotastic! You're all truly wonderful people. But, let's be honest, some of you are more wonderful than the others. First among equals if you will. Like long time EgoReader and model photographer Jacob Hefner, whose photo book Beautiful Innocence we have here in our office.

Well, Jacob's gone and shot a ton more super hot models from around the world, completely make-up free and un-photo retouched, capturing their true beauty under the summer sun, in his latest photo book:

Voyeur (available on Amazon)

It's truly the bee's knees. If bee's knees means tons of photos of wicked hot women that you'd shank your best friend for just for the chance to kiss their bare buns. Quite the visual feast. Good on you, Jacob. Enjoy.

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