Emma Frain Topless Hotness Forever Fills My Mind and Warms My Soul

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You know how that guy in Beautiful Mind kept seeing imaginary friends and colleagues on the street? That's how I am, only not nearly as smart, and perhaps a smidgeon less crazy. But I see all of my favorite girls everywhere I go. The longer I go without seeing their amazingly hot bodies, the more I see them at Starbuck's or at the gym or just standing in my kitchen, always buck nekkid.

I really miss Emma Frain. She's on a break from sharing her greatness I surmise. I happen to think Emma is one of the most alluring women in this entire world. What I wouldn't give to have her teaching me about sexual education as she did in her classic Zoo magazine sex issue. Her striptease in this video remains forever in my mind, causing Emma to appear in an unbuttoned blouse pretty much wherever I turn these days. Emma, please come back soon. Everybody deserves a vacation, but nobody deserves to lose your sextastic. Enjoy.

You can check out the Emma Frain sex-ed video HERE.

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