Humpday Huzzah! Lindsey Strutt Topless Bikini Staircase Show Puts the Ooh in Stoop

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I don't know what your front steps look like, but mine could certainly use a cleaning and perhaps the addition of wicked hot Lindsey Strutt stripping out of her bikini on my stoop. Not that I don't appreciate Free Standing Inserts and circulars and the neighborhood middle school boys who taunt my very existence, but Lindsey and her perfectly pert topless pair seems like much stronger curb appeal.

As we reach the very middle of the week, we like to celebrate and honor the middle happy parts on some of our most passion inducing women in the world. Those soft precious globes of goodness that make waking up each morning all the more purposeful. Lindsey Strutt and her melons of perfection are inspiring. Make that perspiring. Huzzah!

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