Jennifer Nicole Lee Splishy-Splashy Nippletastic Wet T-Shirt Attack on Miami Beach

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You know, I simply don't remember the moms on my block growing up looking quite like BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. I mean, sure, the means were always coming out of the ocean we didn't live near in see-through wet t-shirts, showing off their ridiculously strong female forms and brazen happy nipples. Who didn't see that from the neighborhood moms as a kid? But the posing and the preening and the stretching and the making-me-screams bottomside, that's what sets this ridiculously hot bodied mom apart from the other ladies at the PTA.

For all the work of haute couture designers, there's never really been a top fashioned for ladies that exceeds the wet white t-shirt in terms of sheer allure. And when the headlights get flipped on to full beneath, well, suck on that fashionistas. This is the real eye-popping wardrobes. Enjoy.

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