Joanna Krupa See-Through in Red Dress

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I'm pretty sure Joanna Krupa has a crush on me since we met up last month. Her lack of phone calls, emails, and texts lead me to believe she just can't face the truth of her feelings toward me. Like, shut me out because she can't possible shut it off. And being a married woman now, I understand that. There are any number of hotties in Hollywood who completely ignore me I have to assume for this very same reason. My logic seems sound.

Still, I can't ignore them back. Not sextastic ladies like Joanna Krupa who love the sheer dresses when getting decked out for pimping time in Vegas. That's when we separate the women from the girls, sometimes literally. And Joanna knows perfectly well how to play the game. Killer red dress, lots of skin, alluring smile, and the next thing you know, the Bellagio owns your house. Everything happens a little faster in Vegas. Enjoy.

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