Jodie Gasson Topless Sailor Girl Striptease Ships Ahoy for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Oh how I do love the full-bodied goodness of Jodie Gasson. One of our featured celebrities recently wrote me with a request I not refer to her as a 'plus sized' model. Indeed, if only they knew I meant 'plus extra lust' when I'm describing our most curvy of visual treats in there here part. Sure, you can go beyond the curvy into something less delightful, but girls with what other girls like to call 'real bodies' always float my boat, raise my tides, and simultaneously sink my battleship with their soft fleshy goodness.

Jodie Gasson makes me want to be a man with longer arms and a couple more hands. All the more to delight in the playground that is her festive female form. Some men do prefer the skinny girls, and while I appreciate all shapes and sizes of alluring fine ladies, there's definitely something to be said for the girls who have a little jiggle in their giggle when they wiggle. And that thing is 'Please, don't stop'. Enjoy.

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