Kym Graham Says Check Out These Bad Boys to Poppy Rivers in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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With all the unnecessary violence erupting in the world, perhaps now more than ever we ought remind ourselves that there are so many more fruitful and less destructive means of competition and battle that a civilized society can support. Sporting competitions come to mind, none perhaps more safe and sane and satisfying than a battle of amazing funbags, the love of which binds us universally as one people. Put down the swords and pick up the binoculars, this is a time for peace and and epic tubes.

This week's Battle of the Boobtastic pits the deliciously delightful Kym Graham in a fete of chest against veteran Poppy Rivers. While one woman will walk away with the virtual winnings and one shall slink away in shame, there are no real losers in this matchup, only varying degrees of girls I'd let empty my bank account to go shopping for something slinky. However, your solemn duty to select the winner remains in effect, so, in your humblest of opinions, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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