Leah Maree Is Tatted Up, Topless, and Udderly Hot Australian, What Else Could You Want?

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Well, I wouldn't seek to circumscribe your total domain of wants and desires, but I could be happy with a topless inked up Australian model for at least a couple years of being lost on a desert island, as both of us became lost in in feral passions and procreative desires brought on by hunger and despair. In fact, hunger and despair are my two primary weapons in winning over members of the fairer sex.

Enter Leah Maree (Cahill). A bad-ass, hot-arsed model from Down Under. Leah Maree has it all working in fine tuned order in this spectacular shoot from Glam Jam magazine. The top, the bottom, the middle, the sides, the front, the back, the way she holds me down and demands I please her, though that last part may be primarily in my own imagination. I'm going to declare Leah Maree a must-ogle girl. She frightens me and yet makes me happy tingle. This is the dream combo. Enjoy.

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