Leanna Decker Losing Lingerie Is a Recipe for Striptease Sextastic

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I'm pretty certain I've lusted ginger-topped hot body model Leanna Decker since before I even ever met her. I think it must be some kind of archetypal primordial reproductive goo thing. She's just my type. Hot, buxom, wanton, ginger, alluring, never-ending curves, and amazing funbags and an ounce you could bounce a nickel off of and receive a quarter in return. There's nothing about Leanna that doesn't set the drool drives into hyper mode.

I like to fool myself and believe that I could have a girl like Leanna. And, by have, I'm picturing the two of us nekkid and bound by twine tightly together while dangling above a pool of sharks into which we will be lowered should we ever cease from constant copulation. That kind of have. Maybe I am just deluding myself. But I can't resist the cheap tingle. Enjoy.

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