Michelle Lewin Bikini Pictures Highlight Miami's Potentially Hottest Asstastic

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You know how I hate superlatives, but rumors, gossip, and general guy talk about Miami is how fitness model Michelle Lewinmight just have the finest tightest roundest bikini bottom in all of Bikini Bottom. I'll say this, Michelle Lewin's finely worked out and lunged female form is most definitely making the finals list of any legitimate competition.

Michelle decided to try and settle the matter the only way it should be, by strapping on a tiny thong bikini and parading her hot booty and muscle-toned body about the beach in Miami garnering more virtual votes and admiration. Definitely put me in the camp of admirers, if not droolers with hands instinctively reaching for hot Latina cheeks. Oh, my, the urges, must resist, but not all that much. Enjoy.

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