Miley Cyrus Topless in Vogue Germany Bare Funbag Top Redux

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It's been a week since we've first laid peeps on Miley Cyrus topless in the Mario Testino shoot for Vogue Germany. Thanks to EgoReader 'Julien' we have a high-res take-two look at this rather monumental photospread of Miley Cyrus topless for the second time ever, and the second time this month.

Say what you will about the mischievous pop star, but she's putting her money, err, her body where her mouth is. She's not just talking the talk, she's taking her clothes off for magazine pictorials and showing off everything she's got. Well, most everything. For this, we humbly stand and applaud. The world needs more celebrities like Miley Cyrus. Enjoy.

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