Playboy.TV Wants to Ensure You Get Some Cheap Hot Action on Valentine's Day

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First off, Happy Valentine's Day. Which is a misnomer, because Valentine's Day can and is one of the most truly horrible days of the year for tons of men and women. Maybe the 'happy' part is just wishful thinking. Unless of course you're the people at Playboy.TV who are doing something about making this day a whole lot better.

Get your red hot Playboy.TV Valentine's Special for just $5.83 x 12 months!

For just an average cost of $5.83 per month, which doesn't even buy me a cheese sandwich downstairs if I ask for a roll, you can become a vaunted yearly member of Playboy.TV where you can see, oh, a million and one wicked hot chicks like Ali Rose doing what I always imagined wicked hot girls do when they're hanging out with other wicked hot girls and cameras are rolling. It's exposing, fun, a tad bit raunchy, if raunchy means completely awesome. And it does. Check out Ali Rose in photos, imagine her bouncing and giggling and making a salad without her hands and you have some idea of what you'll find on Playboy.TV.  Enjoy.

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