Priscilla Salerno Topless on the Beach in Miami for a Little Morning Eye Opener

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Italian actress Priscilla Salerno makes the type of adult films where you can't really afford to be shy. I'm sure there's a name for them in Italian that sounds much more dignified than porn. Nevertheless, when she takes her vacations in Miami, she tends to take her public displays of bikini body one step beyond even her liberated European cohorts, often freely removing her top for at least a wardrobe adjustment, if not a chance to teach the boys on the beach a lesson in future items to lust.

I'm not exactly sure why she needs somebody helping her take off her bikini top, though I am a tad bit jealous. It is a job I've been training myself for since grade school, when I carried around a step stool just in case. Priscilla, I admire your lack of modesty. If only you could get more of an example for your Italian peers on the beach, the sights would be even finer. Enjoy.

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