READER FINDS: Elle Macpherson Topless, Kelly Brook Topless, Farrah Fawcett Topless, and Much Much More...

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May all your days be as good as Friday. Nobody ever says that, but they should. Sure, we're probably going to be flooded out of our lodgings here in Southern California where over an inch of rain could sweep us away like unprepared Noahs. But so long as we get in one more communal gathering to share in our skin-filled celebrity goods, I could go out to the deep blue a happy man

This week's Reader Finds includes Sofia Vergara sextastic modeling (thank you to EgoReader 'Bella'), our new favorite fitness model Michelle Lewin wearing little more than tape (quite a find from 'Styme'), Latina thespianic Ingrid Rubio topless on screen (kudos to 'Stan'), Brooklyn Decker steamy cleavy in her S.I. Legends shoot (wicked heat by 'Francis'), Farrah Fawcett classic topless caps (topless Angel provided by 'Owen'), some rare bikini shots of Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina (sweet find by 'Dey'), Lea Seydoux model hotness (transmitted by 'Dave P.'), Elle Macpherson topless as a hot teen model (whoa baby via 'Steven'), Kelly Brook topless in Piranha 3D (Kelly never looked fine thanks to 'Steff'), Alexis Knapp topless on the silver screen (knappalicious sent by 'Worked'), Lisa Bonet topless in scary Angel Heart (Cosby daughter goodies by 'Damien'), Mary Louise Parker topless in classic film role (more old school ta-ta's from 'Frenchie'), Cerina Vincent flashing her impressive pair (lo and behold by 'Timm'), Natasha Richardson topless acting (thank you kindly to dear 'Wendell'), Shania Twain in one crazy hot portrait session (Shania lust prepped by 'Doobie'), Lucie Wilde being super naughty hot (gratitude to 'harashkupo'), Justin Bieber video girl hottie Cailin Russo topless candids (blessings from 'Joe'), Kate Lynn Bock see-through modeling pic (sweetness, ever so sweetly dropped off by 'Scott'), Kate Upton maybe a nipple slip in her SI photoshoot (I'm not super sure, but a ton of you sent this in, thanks), a nip sip of SI hottie model Gigi Hadid (many thanks to 'Jess D' for another great find), and, oh, yeah, there was this naughty that seems to be our new object d'lust Valentina Matteucci having her way with her topless self. I can't verify, but I know you'd like to try. Thank you to a whole mess of you who sent in various variations of this wicked adult clip which you can see here (**NSFW LINK WARNING). Enjoy.

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