READER FINDS: Vida Guerra Bare Asstastic, Anastasia Ashley Tender Nips, Winter Olympics Nekkid Athletes, and Much Much More...

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I think of Friday as my girlfriend. That is, if I treat Friday super nice, it won't throw a lamp at my head when I ask if I can bring Saturday into the bedroom with us. It truly is my favorite day of the week, and not just because it's a solid excuse for afternoon cocktails. But because it's the day we all get together to share our most fondest of skin-filled celebrity surprises to share with one another. A little tradition that began back in 1904 known informally as Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Lizzy Caplan reduxed and topless from MoS (thank you kindly EgoReader 'Devon'), Elizabeth Olsen in much clearer shots of her funbags in Oldboy (way to go 'Jose'), Greta Gerwig ta-ta's on screen (via the helpful 'Doug'), Kristen Connolly topless from HoC (delivered by 'Lady Eve'), Erin Fee in a delicious natural shoot (kudos to 'Parnell'), Jennifer Garner working her stuff in a sextastic mommy shoot (thanks much to 'Evers'), Lea Seydoux even more topless modeling goodness (Frenchie skin provided by 'James'), Vida Guerra flashing her amazing bum in lingerie (wowzer handed over by 'Tom H.'), Scarlett Johanssonlooking hottie glamorous (transmitted by 'Steven'), Halle Berry famously flashing her berries (sweets provided by 'Daniel'), Kelly McGillis topless from the 80's (flashback finery from the mind of 'Hub'), Amy Locane similarly flashing her top on film (those were the days, lent to us by 'Jim T.'), Alexis Knapp and Megan Stevenson exhibiting their wares on the silver screen (sweet holy moleys done did by 'Francis'), Brooklyn Deckersteamy caps from Esquire (smoking hotness thrown in by 'Rochelle'), Bryana Holly undressed in a killer black and white photoshoot (loveliness provided by 'Squall'), Debby Ryan deliciously busty in a promo shot (oh, my, oh, my delivered by 'Aaron'), Abigail Clancy nip slip at Fashion Week (hello Clancy nip, thanks to 'Steve P.'), Snowboarding champ Isabella Labock in the German bunny magazine (many thanks to 'lh'), Kate Mara MAYBE topless in a shot of a photograph in HoC (totally unconfirmed by definiely dream worthy Kate teats provided by a million and one of you, thank you all), the hot-bodied and happily named Helga Lovekaty showing off her goodness (many gracias to 'Mike'), crazy hot model Hailee Lautenbach with so much potential (referred hapoily by 'Jimmy D.'), Samantha Hoopes nip slip at SI Afterparty this week (nice Instagram catch by 'Andrew'), a couple better looks at the Kendall Jenner see-through runway pics (thanks again to a ton of you who sent in various versions of Kendall nips), Simon Cowell's baby mama Lauren Silverman upskirt on vacation (peekaboo picture provided by 'David S.'), purported full-frontal of Slovenian skier Tina Maze (submitted by yet another friendly 'James T.'), some hot topless shots of Italian beauty Valentina Matteucci (bless you, 'Jamie'), and one very nice peek at the nips of Anastasia Ashley from her SI shoot (virulently promoted by 'Chestman'). This is a mouthful, two handfuls, and perhaps at least one left foot worth of celebrity skin, but do try to get through it all. Enjoy.

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