Reina Takashiro is Bound and Topless Hot in the Japanese Boudoir

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Perhaps one of the best decisions I ever made in my professional career, I mean, outside of earning my certified sandwich maker degree from Subway, was igniting the tanks in the Egotastic! hot air balloon and setting sail for the lands of the Far East for a sextastic discovery of an oriental nature. As you might note, my pool of good decisions is not super deep. But this survey of the hottest celebrity glamour models of lands such as Japan has paid off in so many happy tingles, I'm almost ready to stop chalking their numbers on my board here every time I feel them.

Reina Takashiro is bound at the hands with some kind of silken scarf. I do not know why. I only know that it has me fifty shade of faptastic checking her out in this wicked hot bedroom photoshoot where more and more of her fine female form is revealed. It's udderly outrageously hot. I'm going to need a moment to collect myself. Maybe some kind of chemical fire retardant hose down as well. Reina just has to agree to be my concubine. I will cover her in gold. Well, maybe silver or recycled plastic pellets. Funds being what they are these days. Enjoy.

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