Sofia Vergara Booty Isn't a House, It's a Home

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Sometimes you see a hot woman with a crazy curvy bottom and you just want to run through your list or terribly delightful things you'd like to do with a full jar of honey and an entire afternoon of unbooked time. Other times you know you just want to move in for good. Sofia Vergara flashed her candied yam cheeks in purple stretch pants that might as well have had a realtor signed attached looking for oglers to nest for a decade or two. Just so sweet and round and perfectly plump.

Blessed stretch pants giveth, and rarely ever taketh away. Let us not forsake the yoga pants craze or it may go away, and along with it, a casually amazing view of the keesster of sultry hot Sofia Vergara. Then I would be sad. Like a child who has lost his favorite toy. For that is what will have passed. Enjoy.

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