Summer St. Claire Divine Teat Pulling, Err, Tractor Pulling Goodness

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I'm not exactly sure why the sweet blonde hottie Summer St. Claire is laid out next to a red tractor, I only know it matches the bikini top she used to be wearing before she reached her next stage of visual excellence. Oh, man, that body on Summer makes even the loneliest of farmers feel a little more loved out in the fields.

On Thursdays, we like to celebrate the roundest, finest, most motorboating good funbags on this third planet from the sun. I think we're third, I don't know, my grade school dioramas were always less than stellar. But Summer St. Claire, a tractor, and a fertile field needing to be plowed. I'm ready to start my engine and take to being fruitful. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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