Thank God It's Funbags! The Gloriously Hot India Reynolds Strips Down in the Boudoir for Hot Bodied Perfection

If by chance you be looking to end your week on the solace and succor of a supremely hot woman with amazing funbags, then have I got the answer for you. India Reynolds must  be heaven sent, because I prayed for ... I can't remember the rest of that line and I lost my train of thought watching this rather sextacular striptease on the part of the Britty brunette babe. I think it's her smile, or everything beneath, that is driving me absolutely crazy.

On Fridays, we offer up gratitude to the best of the boobtastic that fills out hearts with warmth and our shorts with even more warmth. India Reynolds not only fits that bill, she rubs it all over herself with an alluring smile. That body of hers is simply to die for, but please live, such that one day she might show up at your door and ask you to scratch her back, starting with the front. Thank God It's Funbags!

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