Valentina Matteucci Topless Outdoors for the Lust of All Things Italian

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When I get a letter from one of our brilliant readers saying, you must check out so-and-so's rack, you will absolutely die. I'm likely to follow directions. I don't want to die, not just yet, but going out because I was literally killed by killer funbags, hey, it could be so much worse.

Thanks to 'Evan' I did check out Valentina Matteucci, a very free spirited and healthy chested Italian model who loves the outdoors as much as she dislikes clothing. I'm not sure I'm dying, I'm actually feeling rather invigorated taking in the bountiful body of this young lady from The Boot. Apparently, she's all the rage back in her home country. I like to think of myself as a ItalianBabeOPhile. I think that's the proper Latin. I suppose Valentina could probably help me correct while standing nekkid in a river. That's the educational dream. Enjoy.

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