Valentina Matteucci Topless Pictures Continue to Invade Our Lust-Filled Hearts

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I haven't seen a girl fly this fast up the Egotastic! charts since, well, I don't know when. But Valentina Matteucci, the Italian boobtastic heartthrob seems to be quickly rising to the forefront of the libido for many of you, including EgoReader 'Aki' who has graced all of us with even more sneaky topless peeks of the racktastic Roman.

I literally dare you to check out Valentina and not imagine yourself living with her in the Apennine hills, making ferocious love by night, and, by day, deciding once more to do the same. Of course, there would be times when Valentina would be retrieving water from the well in a sheer little number without any underwear on beneath, and a few moments to feed each other recently pickled olives, but those would be minor timeouts from the Latin passions. See, you're thinking about it right now. This woman has fierce power. Resistance is pretty much futile. Enjoy.

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