Valentina Matteucci Topless Portraits: Is She Truly an Emily Ratajkowski Throne Competitor?

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As a matter of principle, I do read any and all letters you do send me. I can't respond to all, but to some, and some just intrigue the hell out of me. Like EgoReader 'BRC' who claims that Valentina Matteucci, the Italian model we featured last week, might just meet or exceed the lust inducement boobtastic powers of Emily Ratajkowski. Wow, that's a claim that deserves some investigation to say the least. It's like declaring there is suddenly some kind of food better than Gino's pizza rolls. I am at first reflexively in denial, but as BRC also submitted photographic evidence in support of his fapping claims, I am now forced to take this proposition far more seriously.

As always, I am a spineless jellyfish mostly incapable of rendering a decision that might make any girl cry. So I'm asking you, after checking out these photos of Valentina, are you inclined to agree with BRC or is he, in fact, quite nuts?

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