Vote in the 15th Annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards, Win an Xbox One, Become Popular!

It's that time of the year again. Awards season. No, not the massive black-tie circle you know what that is the Academy Awards and the seventy-nine other slap on the back for being awesome film and TV industry events. The important stuff. The Anatomy Awards, the 15th annual from Mr. Skin which allows you, the celebrity funbag and skin loving not so average joe to vote on the winners. And vote you must, it is your civic sextastic duty.

Watch the video clips, vote, be entered to win an Xbox One, and become absolutely the most lucky kid in your whole block. Also, that part about deciding the outcome of the free nekkid world isn't so bad either.

VOTE NOW. Vote early. And, naturally, vote with your pants on, please. Enjoy.

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