Alejandra Guilmant Is Really Good Looking and Covered Topless in Esquire Mexico

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Me and like 500 million other guys I know have thing for super hot Latina ladies with killer bodies and alluring poses. So why not share in the visual delights of Alejandra Guilmant, Mexican fashion model turned cover girl for Esquire Mexico wherein her top treats are decidedly hand-bra'd, but her total sextastic is well on display.

I'd like to think that Alejandra is currently imagining making many babies with me, as I am with her, though that might be a little naive on my part. She's a model, she probably wants me to make the babies with her hot looking girlfriend all surrogate like. I'm down for that Alejandra, provided you hold my hand the entire time. We shall sing the songs of ancient Mayans together, you and I. Enjoy.

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