Aline Franzoi Topless Sextastic Will Cause You To Tap Out (Or Just Tap For Privacy)

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Guilty as charged. EgoReader 'Stein' wonders how I can call myself a MMA/UFC fan and not have shared these wicked hot photos of Brazilian UFC ring girl crazy hottie Aline Franzoiwho reached the height of topless heights in her home country's Playboy Brazil. And, damn, I do feel ashamed. Not like Jennette McCurdy ashamed for having my lingerie selfies appear on the web, a more sullen feeling of letdown for not having shared these photos with all of you earlier. Just so damn hot.

Aline, we shall meet one day. Maybe at a World Cup event or just in a Rio airport. I'll be the drunk they're throwing out of the bar. You'll be the sweaty hot nekkid Brazilian hottie ring girl. We each have our parts to play. Let's play them together. Enjoy.

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