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Anais Zanotti, Your Nipple Peeking Bikini Body is Killing Me Ever So Kindly

I think this might just be my favorite yet. French stunt woman slash model slash wicked temperature riser Anais Zanotti hit the beach in Miami with a brand new bikini designed to show off her sweet curvy body, her alluring boobtastic, and, as the French call it, the derriere deluxe. I really am in lust with this all-over shapely lady body.

Anais has been consistently raising her thonged booty in the air and declaring herself ready for all hot bodied challengers. I like a girl who is confident in her exhibition. Bring it on, competition. You're fierce, but Anais looks more than ready to handle your full frontal and rear assaults. Oh, how I would pay dearly to watch that in private. Enjoy.

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