Anna Schmiedlova And I Want To Make Nipple Love, Not War

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Sometimes, it takes a hot woman in a Star Wars nerd spoof t-shirt over her powerful tennis playing chest and just above her tight rump and strong toned legs to send a message of peace. Anna Schmiedlova is just such a woman.

The Slovakian tennis player donned her anti-war tee at the Sony Open in Key Biscayne to let everybody know that making the sexy with a muscular cute female tennis player is so much preferable to killing. At least, I'm pretty sure that was her message. The more I stared at her lean sextastic female form, the more I realized she's right, about everything, and anything, and I'd like to tell her so as I gently massage her post-tournament body into a dreamy feeling. Anna, let's show them how it's done by making many babies we will raise as healers. Let's start right now. Give my piece a chance. Enjoy.

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