Belle Knox Topless Co-Ed Stripping During Her Spring Break in New York City

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I'm going to go ahead and keep calling the Duke University outed porn star by her stage name, Belle Knox. You can look up her real name on Google if you're so inclined, but a good chunk of our Hollywood celebrities aren't using their birth names either so I don't really see the difference.

It's her public persona name, and, indeed, Belle Knox got very public at the HeadQuarters strip club in the Big Apple, dancing around in her school girl costume, naturally, and removing her top to flash her ACC All-Star udders. Obviously, there's much more of Belle to see than this particular show, but I think it's worth noting that her feminism extends to live work as well. Personally, I'd have rather done porn than a whole bunch of shitty jobs I had to pay for college. Hmm, cleaning clogged toilets in group homes or having paid sex on camera? Belle is much smarter and more merchandisable than I. Enjoy.

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