Chloe Green Topless on Her Daddy's Yacht (A Redux from Yesterday)

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Thanks to EgoReader 'Bob' for pointing out that that topless delight next to Kate Moss on the yacht in St. Bart's was none other than yacht owner Philip Green's daughter, Chloe Green. At first glance, I honestly didn't recognize those sweet big yams as belonging to the retail magnates daughter for the complimentary reason that Chloe is looking so good these days, perhaps a little on the baby fat side in the past, and never before topless that we've seen.

I'm pretty sure she was actually dating the older divorcee Marc Anthony last year, though I think that's over. Three cheers for the British Topshop heiress and her impressive racktastic. Only good things happen on yachts, in my mind at least. Enjoy.

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