Egotastic! Makes Hollywood Xposed! (And Dad Said I'd Amount to Little)

I think by now you know how I feel about the genius about having women stripping off their clothes while delivering the news, specifically, news about celebrity women stripping off their clothes. I've never been exactly clear on what the term 'meta' means, but if means this, then, yeah, meta me, baby.

As a new edition to the naked girl editorial of Naked News, check out Egotastic! at the 2:00 minute mark making its introduction. I imagine this is what people felt like when they got A's on their tests in school instead of being stuck in the principal's office secretly being encouraged to drop out. I'm geeked. And the girls are naked. One of these should be important to you.

Check out all the hot newsreaders of Naked News and become aroused, I mean, informed. Enjoy.

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