Elizabeth Deo Latex Clad Asstastic Kandy

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You know the old saying, a hot girl flashing her booty in latex panties is a memory for a lifetime. I think that's an old saying. It certainly should be. I guarantee you won't soon forget L.A. model Elizabeth Deo pretending to fix a car in her leather and latex getup for Kandy magazine. It may actually be the last thing I ever do remember.

Of course, some of you may not fully appreciate a girl in skin tight rubber panties, but then some of you need to learn to work your imagination muscles a little bit more, specifically as to what happens to when rubber gets warm. See. I should would like Elizabeth to fix my car. At least, once I lied to her about which car was mine so she'd think I drove a really hot one, as opposed to one that looks like it was once used as crash car #275 in the Dukes of Hazzard. Elizabeth, call me, I have a jelly that can help you ease out of your bottoms. Enjoy.

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