Gemma Massey Topless Striptease Has Made My Week

Gemma Massey, where have you and your ridiculously hot body been all my life, or at least the last time I had five minutes to myself in a semi-private space.

We've spied glamour model Gemma before, but it's been a while, too long a while, for this bodacious hottie has all the makings of the queen of my realm. I'd gladly serve her the minute her top came off, for she is a master of the art of the sextastic reveal. I suppose Gemma might insist I do some cleaning and other menial services about her flat for the chance to be her humble servant. It seems like a fair trade by the looks of Gemma and that salacious smile.  Enjoy.

(For all your Gemma Massey fineries, check out the MissGemmaMassey official site.)

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