Holy Asstastic! Michelle Lewin Super Powers Her Thumper in the Park

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I'm not sure that backside of fitness model Michelle Lewin should even be street legal. My living room legal, most certainly, but we can't have that kind of rear end poking and straining in the public parks where boys are bound to pick up all sorts of prurient thoughts. Just look what all my hours of ogling women at the park from a young age did to me. It's a burden I tell you.

Michelle Lewin has the rump of an exercised goddess. It's just so fierce and strong and thumpalicious. Then she turns around to reveal a super fine all over ridiculously hot woman. It's almost too much. Hurt me with your power-cheeks, Michelle. Make me suffer for my naughty thoughts. Go on, I need this cleansing of my mortal soul. When I stop breathing, go on for another five minutes. Enjoy.

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