Humpday Huzzah! Rosie Jones Topless Perfection Is... Perfect

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What can you say about Rosie Jones besides the fact she's one stupendous young lady with one of the finest pairs of funbags on this planet. I do disfavor superlatives, but every time I see the perfectly pert and pouty pair on Rosie Jones, I am reminded all over again why I dedicate my workday, and a good chunk of my off-work time, to the pursuit of sweet lady melons. Rosie is inspiring.

Featured in the current edition of Nuts magazine, Rosie takes the simple act of the lingerie striptease and turns it into yet another Mona Lisa type classic passion inducing reveal. If Mona Lisa had yams like Rosie Jones, I'd actually visit the Louvre instead of just telling people that I have just to sound sophisticated. Rosie, you are my Huzzah!

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